Welcome to Kuiqlink

Kuiqlink is a tool for connecting followers to your entire online world.

To got started you need to create an account and Verify your email address

Here is what you should do to get your account:

  1. Create your Kuiqlink, sign up here

  2. Check your Inbox for the verification email (look into the Spam folder if you can not find the email)

  3. Click on Activate my account

I didn`t receive the verification email!

  • Double check if you've entered or registered the correct email address and Click HERE to resend the activation email.

  • Check your email's spam or Promotions (Gmail) folders. If you found the email in these folders, mark them as "not spam" to make sure you receive future emails in your inbox.

Still need help?

If you have any questions, please email support@kuiq.link

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